In the coming times, B2B sales skills and understanding will be pivotal in honing future leaders who will drive result-oriented impact across businesses. Helping clients reimagine their supply chains is our central focus at RIVIGO. This is why our sales team is a group of passionate problem solvers. It is a team that doesn’t ‘sell’, but ‘solves’. It is a team that is creating impact at scale and leading the digital revolution in logistics.

In our efforts to create such future leaders, we’ve set up the RIVIGO Impact Leadership Academy (ILA). The ILA is a structured experiential learning and capability building program that has been set up to enable our salesforce to develop a mindset that is focused on achieving our singular goal of celebrating customers and taking our mission to them.

The 5-day program happens in multiple zonal centres of RIVIGO where future sales leaders from across businesses, levels and geographies participate. The ILA starts with a walk down the RIVIGO memory lane, with the team pondering over the early days, how we started, the initial set of challenges and sharing of stories from pilots and customers. The team goes through deep reflective discussions on the RIVIGO Leadership Principles (RLPs), our way of life. The genesis of each RLP, what it means and why each one of them is important is covered.

Detailed product training on all businesses across relay and freight is covered on the following days. Our future leaders learn how the unique interplay of data, technology and operational excellence is solving some of the biggest problems in the logistics industry for India and the world.

Participants also undergo training on the sales funnel. Industry veterans and experts come in and share their insights on what it means to take a mission to a client and really solve their problems. RIVIGO clients from across industries are also invited to help inspire our future sales leaders. There are several experiential elements in the design of the program. For example, participants overcome their inhibitions and practise their own unique pitches.

One of the participants very eloquently summed up their learning, “I never knew I could connect with a customer at so many different levels because we are doing such great work – be it social dividend, strengthening economy or solving a problem which has long been in existence, thereby catapulting India in global logistics ranking.”