Technology is at the heart of our vision. The team at RIVIGO Labs is solving the world’s biggest, toughest, never-done-before problems through breakthrough technology and innovation. Ideating new designs, piloting revolutionary technology and celebrating impact, no two days ever feel the same at our innovation hub. All of this in a hyper-growth environment in a fantastic team makes it a ride of a lifetime!

Never-done-before problems
We have a bold mission to solve the industry’s most challenging problems – all at an unimaginable scale and using first-principle approach. Be it creating a learning algorithm that analyses millions of data points to accurately predict the life journey of every consignment or creating a dynamic pricing engine to create India’s largest, most transparent trucking marketplace, all the problems that we work on are futuristic, have scale and have never been attempted before. We are also among the first in India to file for three technology patents in the domain to track fuel efficiency, improve the pilot relay system and automate loading plans.

Futuristic full-stack technology
At the foundation of RIVIGO Labs is our passion to unleash the potential of Internet of Things (IoT), or as we call it, Internet of Moving Things (IoMT), and use data sciences to build models to drive decision making in real time. With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning revolutionising the world, we are gearing up to create India’s largest material movement pipeline. Our vision to introduce two of the world’s most powerful ideas, ‘Relay as a service’ and a ‘Digital marketplace for trucking’ necessitate creating futuristic applications of new-age technology.

Stunning colleagues in an inspirational culture
Our engineering culture is about autonomy, imagination and impact. Everyone is surrounded by exceptionally stunning peers from top engineering schools and product companies. Our team of the country’s finest coders, architects, designers and data scientists are obsessed with solving for impact, challenging status quo and bringing in first-principle thinking to everything.

Exponential learning on a growth-rocketship
Through dedicated ‘mastery’ interventions, team learning and mentorship, learning at RIVIGO Labs is immense. However, what stands out most is the learning journey our teams undertake through working on challenging problems. The reflection sessions in every sprint team are what stand out to folks as the most important way of learning. Given we are on a never-seen-before growth journey ourselves, our engineers too take on increasingly progressive charters over a short course of time.

We are confident of our journey because we know the best and the brightest are working on challenges to create opportunities and fulfil the dreams for tomorrow. It is an exciting journey for anyone who wants to create real impact for millions of lives through technology.

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