Gaurav Rakawat

Cluster Manager

"My journey at RIVIGO can be best described as a roller coaster, an enjoyable one."

About Gaurav

As a cluster manager for Delhi for our full truck load business, Gaurav ensures seamless operations at one of our busiest and oldest hubs at Pataudi. An IIT-Delhi alumnus, Gaurav is a natural leader and has had a pivotal role to play in building and scaling up RIVIGO’s operations.

In Gaurav’s own words

How would you describe a typical day at work?

Review meetings with the cluster teams define the start of my day, where we discuss the previous day’s performance with data against set targets. My role requires me to stay connected with our core, the pilots. It’s also something I derive a lot of energy from. I spend the rest of my day meeting our pilots either one-on-one, or through ‘Sabha’s’. I also spend a good amount of time each day meeting officials/vendors and reviewing the daily planning done by my team.

How would you describe your experience here?

My journey at RIVIGO can be best described as a roller coaster, an enjoyable one. RIVIGO is a very dynamic place. Every day, there are new challenges. Solving them on the go is a skill that I have developed here. Working on multiple tasks simultaneously has helped me improve my time management skills.

Describe your journey in one word


What is the most exciting thing about working at RIVIGO?

The endless opportunity to learn is the most exciting thing about Rivigo. I have learnt a lot in my tenure here. All decisions taken here are driven by data. It sets the way things are done here apart.

One RIVIGO Leadership Principle you relate the most with