The world is a more challenging place than it has ever been. It presents several tsunamic threats like social and economic inclusion, food security, climate change, natural resource security and long-term trade infrastructure. Consequently, it also presents unprecedented opportunities to overcome such challenges. To do so, it is most important that all human effort and impact is aligned with the cosmic drive of nature. We have to consume fewer resources and become more productive while doing so. It is a strong interplay of technology, data and operations that will be the bridge to make the world around us more orderly, harmonious and aligned.

This is an era of change. As a new world order is ushering in, a new India is also being built at pace. Norms are getting disrupted and replaced with revolutionary first principle ideas. The pace of disruption is bound to outpace several institutions, businesses and organizations in the next few decades. Whenever this scale of change happens, more and more ‘miracles’ become the norm. The custodians of these miracles are called ‘Heroes’.

Heroes are distinctly different from leaders:

  • Leaders aspire for the best; Heroes aspire for the unattainable
  • Leaders thrive on replenishing sources of energy around them; Heroes have boundless energy within them
  • Leaders develop strength and power to create impact; Heroes develop an irrefutable inner strength and power
  • Leaders better previous work, Heroes are perfectionists
  • Leaders lead people through a common and well-laid path, Heroes are inspirational and help people discover their own paths to success

India will need many such custodians of miracles. At RIVIGO, we are looking to develop a thousand such custodians who will lead miracles, through our Hero’s Journey Program. Many of these Heroes will go and find their own purpose and path to lead institutions in India and across the world.

Hero’s Journey Program is not about RIVIGO. It is not about skills or training. And, it is not another leadership development program. It is intended to be about the individual – the hero in making.

Hero’s Journey is a life-changing experiential program designed to help individuals discover their calling, and the path to fulfil it. Designed with a combination of forums conducted by the country’s leading coaches, sessions aimed at strengthening each hero’s toolkit and ‘heroic’ experiences created at RIVIGO, the program unlocks the individual’s potential through self-discovery.

With the unattainable goals that we have set for ourselves and the miracles we are aiming to create each day as an organization, RIVIGO is a natural home—a hermitage—for developing and nurturing Heroes.