At RIVIGO, our people are our greatest strength; the driving force behind every accomplished milestone. The first and perhaps the most crucial step in accomplishing newer and bigger milestones is to find the right people with the right purpose. And like all other things we do at RIVIGO, our hiring philosophy is distinct and true to our mission.

  • We bring aboard people better than ourselves
    One of our leadership principles at RIVIGO is to hire people better than ourselves and coach and mentor to help them become ‘heroes’. We do not hire to fill an open position to get work done. Instead, we see hiring as a way of raising the bar for the entire team—and for RIVIGO. This ensures that we continue to have inspiring peers, teams and leaders to work with. This principle is at the core of our hiring philosophy.
  • Skills can be developed, we hire for potential
    Success at RIVIGO is not defined by an individual’s skill, role, tenure or experience. It is defined by the choices the individual is likely to make; the choice to live up to the RIVIGO Leadership Principles. Hence, as interviewers, we don’t focus on skills but on one’s potential to imbibe and internalize our leadership principles.
    Click Here to read more about the RIVIGO Leadership Principles
  • We practise bias-free interviewing
    Intuitions and gut feelings are often a result of unconscious bias. At RIVIGO, we take data-backed decisions that are not guided by gut or intuition. Our focus is to keep the assessments objective and the parameters for selection consistent. For each role, a mix of people who are best suited to interview are nominated to a panel. The panel includes peers, superiors and cross-functional RIVIGO-certified interviewers, who have gone through ample training on the RIVIGO way of hiring the best people.
  • When in doubt, we don’t hire
    Unless the entire panel is fully convinced about the candidate raising the bar of the team, s/he is not hired. Additionally, a bar-raiser is specifically appointed to probe and question the interviewers’ assessment. This ensures that we always make the best long-term decisions for ourselves and the candidate’s success.
  • Hiring is one of our most critical moments of truth
    We believe that we are what we are because of the people we have hired so far. Every great hire takes us years ahead, and every wrong hire puts us years back. Therefore, hiring is considered a critical moment of truth. Our hiring decision meetings, known as Manthans, are meant for the entire panel to come together and discuss a candidate’s long-term scalability at RIVIGO. The focus is on taking the ‘right’ decision through a well-deliberated mechanism.