Vinay Jeengar

Lead Engineer

"The passion for creating something of value and nurturing it as it grows is infectious."

About Vinay

Vinay solves complex but fundamental problems by building technology for our full truck load business - be it building algorithms for a complex network relay model to run smoothly or applications to make RIVIGO pilots love technology and the smart phone. An NIT graduate, Vinay is a true problem solver and is loved by his team for being the A-player.

In Vinay’s own words

How would you describe a typical day at work?

Solving problems in the logistics space with smart and sharp people! Every day I am designing and building solutions using world-class technology, be it IoT or algorithms optimisation. Every day starts with opportunities to learn and contribute and ends with a sense of fulfilment.

How would you describe your experience here?

In my two years at RIVIGO, I have learnt a lot about technology, building products to support businesses that grow exponentially, and thanks to the fact that the senior team is full of highly experienced business professionals, I learnt quite a lot on the operational front too! The passion for creating something of value and nurturing it as it grows is infectious.

Describe your journey in one word


What is the most exciting thing about working at RIVIGO?

Witnessing the impact, we have made to the lives of our pilots! The driver relay model has brought true meaning to their lives while building a business with our smart processes and brilliant technology solutions.

One RIVIGO Leadership Principle you relate the most with