Apparels & Lifestyle

Fashion and lifestyle industry is a USD 40 billion industry in India, growing at 10-14% per annum. It is enabled by fast-changing fashion cycles and trends. New designs and patterns are launched into the market every two months. Moreover, fashion requirements in different parts of the country are different given the huge variation in weather.

For example, while the weather might still be warm in Maharashtra and Karnataka, it could require heavy woollen clothing in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. With an average season lasting only for 3 to 4 months, faster time to market and availability on the shelf becomes crucial. We diligently back the need for swift delivery with our optimised logistics network that ensures materials hit the market at the right time, guaranteeing significant business value.


Automotive aftermarket is a high margin (25-40%), high growth sector which is expected to hit USD 15-20 billion by 2020. This opens up an unprecedented opportunity for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to scale up their aftermarket business; one of the biggest enablers for which would be a highly efficient and responsive supply chain. We partner with our clients to scale up their operations with our services that guarantee extensive and faster reach, ably secured by high-end technology.


In an intensely competitive FMCG market, characterised by frequent price wars and eroding margins, we enable our clients to develop a distinctive competitive edge by making their supply chain network leaner and building an efficient distribution network with the least leakages possible.

Being one of the first providers to introduce true pooling operations, we are emerging as a leader in this domain. We continue to lead the way by expanding our innovative approach to pooling. Benefits include not only lower logistics costs brought about by dramatic increase in warehouses and vehicle utilisation, but also increased stock velocity and better support of promotional activity.

Life Sciences & Healthcare

Delivering life-saving drugs and other healthcare products within stipulated time and with absolutely no damage or spoilage is a top prerogative for all life science and healthcare suppliers. Any unplanned deviation in time or quality can have detrimental effects on the life of the consumers. Our custom-made services for this industry ensure unmatched speed of delivery, controlled environments for quality management and highly-dependable visibility into the shipment, enabling clients to deliver superior services with enhanced quality assurance.


The e-commerce industry has gathered great momentum and is spreading its presence across Tier-II and Tier-III cities with the demand as well as cargo connectivity increasing massively. Given the growth and expansion of this industry, logistics has the potential to be the key differentiator in terms of customer service and will also act as an important lever for business growth. With our services, e-commerce players get access to a comprehensive transport solution which allows them to reduce their line haul cost per shipment without compromising on the service level (shortest transit time and 95%+ reliability), a business value that can unleash new revenue opportunities.

Electronics & Technology

Electronics and technology is a USD 125 billion industry in India, growing at 20-22% per annum. It is enabled by rapid technological innovation leading to new features, designs and product launches. For an industry that is rapidly changing with every new product that hits the market, competition is at an all-time high. We are seeing upto 30-40 new product launches every month, and suppliers are faced with a pressing need to ensure their new models penetrate the market faster - a need that must be backed by uninterrupted and timely supply of products across partner networks. With our services, characterised by high speed and better reliability, clients can now build an edge over other players with faster and reliable delivery across the country.


The Indian print book market is upwards of USD 5 billion and growing at above 20% per annum for the last 5 years. It is the sixth largest market in the world and poised for fast growth. A significant part of this industry continues to be highly seasonal with academic cycles governing the demand. For such an industry, any unforeseen delay in transit can lead to significant revenue loss for the consignor. With our reliable technology-enabled logistics network, our publication partners are assured of 100% delivery in time, in turn strengthening their availability and presence in the market.


For a small entrepreneur and SME, it is highly imperative to have hassle free operations, ease of doing business and limited need to follow up. Free cash flow and faster stock availability makes a big difference to the return on capital for a small business. With our fast transit times and unmatched reliability with real-time visibility of shipments, we aim at helping SMEs grow multifold.