Making fashion last long

Fashion and lifestyle industry is a USD 40 billion industry in India, growing at 10-14% per annum. It is enabled by fast-changing fashion cycles and trends. New designs and patterns are launched into the market every two months. Moreover, fashion requirements in different parts of the country are different given the huge variation in weather. For example, while the weather might still be warm in Maharashtra and Karnataka, it could require heavy woollen clothing in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. With an average season lasting only for 3 to 4 months, faster time to market and availability on the shelf becomes crucial. We diligently back the need for swift delivery with our optimised logistics network that ensures materials hit the market at the right time, guaranteeing significant business value.

Our advantage

  • Faster time to market: We offer a significantly reduced transit time by almost 50-70% compared to alternative modes of transportation. For example – Bangalore to Delhi/ Haryana transit takes only 2 days compared to 5-8 days from alternative ways, while Bangalore to Guwahati transit takes only 4 days compared to 10-14 days. The availability of the product on the shelf increases by 7-10 days which enhances the saleability of the product.
  • Reduced pilferages: Fashion industry is prone to heavy pilferages, often to the tune of 0.5-2%, due to the quick saleability of the product in the unofficial market space. We deliver a pilferage free operation for our customers using end-to-end technology integrations, responsible ownership across the ecosystem, box-level tracking and innovative packaging solutions.
  • Enhanced dealer returns: The rotation of capital for a dealer of goods is the most important driver of return on capital. On an average, a dealer rotates the capital 1-1.2 times each month. With the faster availability of the goods post ordering, this rotation could increase to 1.5-1.8 times each month, enabling a 50% higher return on capital for the dealers.
  • Unique and smarter deliveries for malls, e-commerce locations: With changing shopping preferences, nearly 40% of all fashion deliveries now happen in multi-brand, multi-retailer shopping spaces like malls, and to e-commerce players. We specialise in these deliveries through our efficient solutions for mall deliveries and appointment based deliveries, where deliveries happen at specific times, often during the night hours or early morning. Our delivery teams are active 24x7 and have developed innovative solutions with mall management and e-commerce players to ensure smooth deliveries for our customers.
  • Rapid Claim Settlement: Fashion products are high value commodities and customers are highly sensitive to any loss. We offer a very efficient and low cost transit insurance through our partnership with insurance providers. Upon taking this insurance, we offer the settlement of any claims within 3 hours, which is the fastest settlement turn-around for any logistics company globally.

Services we offer

  • Relay full truck: We own a fleet of 3000+ containerised vehicles with pan India operations, promising the fastest TAT (50-70% lower than industry standard) and unmatched reliability of 95%+.
  • Relay express cargo: Especially relevant for products requiring deliveries at multi-point, our express cargo service enables pan India operations with lowest ratio of damages and shortage. Our delivery time with this service is also fastest in the industry.
  • Inbound solutions: A significant proportion of the manufacturing of fashion goods in India happens in apparel clusters like Ludhiana, Tirupur, Bangalore and Mumbai. We have a very strong presence and network across these manufacturing hubs and support the inbound movement of material from manufacturers to the central warehouses. There are multiple scheduled runs daily out of these manufacturing clusters which offer a time-bound delivery to the customer warehouse.
  • Store deliveries: We offer store deliveries using our widespread network of over 200 cities, 200+ branches and unique mall delivery solutions. Owing to our faster transit times, the material reaches the store in upto 70% lesser time and allows for higher time on shelf.
  • Assured inter-location transfers: We support inter-location transfers of small quantity shipments (1-2 pieces) that become critical to reduce the return ratios at the end of each fashion cycle. Often the return ratio of fashion goods reach upto 15-20% due to the high unsold goods at the end of the season. We are able to support in reduction of this unsold quantity through supporting quick transfer of material from a low demand point to a high demand point. We achieve this through a full integration of the ERP systems with our technology, from which such transfers can be easily scheduled and managed.
  • Quicker appointment-based deliveries: We have a dedicated solution for appointment-based deliveries, which is becoming more and more common in today’s environment of increasing e-commerce volumes. Our teams are in close coordination with the e-commerce players and ensure smooth execution of time-specific deliverables.
  • Secure reverse movement of goods: We deploy an efficient and secure reverse movement of goods at the end of the season. This is achieved through a unique packaging solution, securing the goods for reverse movement.
  • Warehousing: We have a comprehensive range of storage and handling facilities, ranging from conventional ambient-wide aisle platforms to highly automated warehouses with complete forklifting capabilities. We also help our clients plan their entire warehousing needs, including where they should be located, how they should be designed and how the inventory should be managed efficiently.