Delivering freshness

Indian frozen food market, valued at approximately INR 1,500 crores, is growing at a healthy double digit figure year after year. Increasing participation of women in the workforce and adoption of western food habits is fuelling this growth. However, the lack of reliability and high cost of cold chain network is becoming an inhibitor for sustainable future growth of the industry. With our exclusive services for highly perishable food products, frozen food suppliers can keep all worries at bay and focus on growing their network profitably.

Our advantage

  • Reduce cold storage cost: Cold storage cost is almost 50% of the total logistics cost for frozen food players. Our unique operating model cuts down transit time by 50-70% and brings in tremendous reliability in the transit time. This enables frozen foods players to cut down inventory at consumption points, thereby, saving 30-50% of the storage cost.
  • Assured product quality: One of the biggest risks that the frozen food players face is the breakage of cold chain network. Our driver relay model eliminates the risk of drivers switching off the reefer unit to save fuel which is a prevalent practice of how drivers make money in the industry. We also have a 24x7 control tower that monitors real-time temperature data streamed from the vehicles and takes immediate action in case of any deviation. Our 70+ service pitstops spread across the country are fully equipped to physically reach out to any breakdown vehicle in less than two hours. We have also deployed a revolutionary remote temperature management system that enables a control tower or customer to manage temperature remotely, thereby, taking control of temperature settings in the truck.
  • Assured product 'freshness': Our shortest transit time on surface ensures that produce reaches ‘fresh’ from factory to customers. Consumers today are more conscious than ever about the age of the produce from manufacturing than the time left till expiry.
  • Improved market access for ultra-low shelf life products: Dairy products like curd, shrikhand etc. have very low shelf life (15 days) due to which players restrict their markets to nearby metros. With our rapid transit time model, clients are able to launch these products to more distant metros, gain new market access and thereby higher market share.
  • Improved ability to respond to seasonality and demand volatility: For ice cream producers especially, availability of quality reefer vehicles in the short season window becomes a real challenge. We offer the advantage of transporting their volume at half the vehicle capacity. In addition, customers are also able to respond a lot quicker to demand volatility owing to reduced lead times.

Services we offer

  • Relay cold chain: We own a fleet of 250+ reefer trucks with pan India operations, promising the fastest TAT (50-70% lower than industry standard) and highest level of temperature integrity.
  • Relay express cargo: We offer express cargo service in cold chain for both chilled and frozen segments. We operate in all major metro locations. Unique features like pooling, clubbing, advanced reservation builds peer-to-peer collaboration, thereby, optimising logistics cost.
  • Stock management service: We offer customised stock management solution for clients wherein, we take charge of the entire primary, secondary and storage segments. Through a combination of FTL, express cargo, storage and secondary solutions, we are able to dramatically cut-down inventory for clients while ensuring best fill rates to the stores and distributors.
  • Secondary transportation service: We have created a scalable model of operating secondary vehicles under a common technology platform that brings temperature and location visibility to all secondary vehicles for a client.