Bringing markets closer

In the highly-perishable Fruits & Vegetables (F&V) segment which experiences 30-40% value loss, we are enabling growers to enhance their farm income through improved market access. Our uniquely designed cold chain network is empowering farmers to get their produce reach markets fast and fresh.

Our advantage

  • Reduced product damage: Fresh fruits and vegetables are usually transported in open body vehicles. However, during long distance transits, this form of transportation leads to huge in-transit damage due to excessive heat and rough handling. We address this issue by deploying reefer vehicles for F&V logistics. We have developed unique temperature protocol for over 40 products and our dynamic temperature control technology enables no chill injury at loading and no thermal shock during unloading; to the effect that clients have experienced their damage level drop by over 80% after switching to our services.
  • Improved price realisation: In the F&V segment, owing to the high perishability of the products, growers have been mere ‘price takers’. For instance, cucumber and green chillies grown in North East are sold in nearby markets of Guwahati and Siliguri at throwaway prices. Through a combination of rapid transit time (50-70% faster than industry average) and refrigerated transportation, we have enabled growers to access expansive markets offering best prices. Growers in Guwahati now reach markets in Chennai and Bangalore within 3 days. This has enabled farmers to sell their produce in the most attractive markets of India irrespective of the distance.
  • Increased capital rotation: Many F&V commodities have a limited harvesting period. In this period, the traders’ ability to earn gets further limited by the number of times they can rotate the investment. For instance, the season for market availability of kinnow and apple, grown in Northern India, lasts about 2-3 months. In making apple and kinnow available in markets down south, traders can rotate the capital only up to 4 times. With the reduced transit time, traders can rotate money at least eight times in the season, thereby, getting 2X returns on the investment.
  • Direct access to modern trade channels: The demand from organized retail chains for fresh fruits and vegetables is increasing. Their demands are unique as they prefer direct consumer delivery and mostly, in small quantities. We enable growers to get in touch with retail chains directly and make the logistics of small quantity shipment to direct consumers happen through our network.
  • Extended shelf life: Lack of cold chain facilities were forcing growers to harvest and sell early. With cold storage solutions, pre-cooling and refrigerated transportation, growers can extend the shelf life of the produce. For example, kinnow season can be extended from 2 months to 4 months.

Services we offer

  • Reefer transportation: We are focused on providing reefer transportation for a large number of fresh commodities. Apples, grapes, green chillies, jackfruit, bitter gourd etc. are some of the many examples of the items that are currently being transported through our reefer transportation service.
  • Pre-cooling chambers at source: Pre-cooling inhibits decay caused by organisms. It remains the first and right step to maintain the quality of fruits and vegetables after harvest. However, India lacks sufficient pre-cooling chambers at sources. Through a combination of leasing of cold storages and mobile pre-cooling chambers, we are making the process of pre-cooling accessible to maximum producers.
  • Part-load aggregation capability: We have market players like traders, brokers, commodity agents and rail/surface transport agents as our partners who ensure the first and last mile connectivity. Through our express cargo service, we can offer movement of as low as 500 kilograms of produce in a temperature-controlled environment through the length and breadth of the country.