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Rivigo relaunches National Freight Index for daily visibility into rates and analytics

Rivigo, India’s leading logistics tech company revolutionising goods mobility in India, today relaunched the National Freight Index (NFI) to bring pricing transparency in freight rates for the progress of the sector.

Rivigo registers 4-5% hike in freight rates in January-April

Tracking logistics firm Rivigo, which relaunched its National Freight Index on Tuesday, saw an average 4-5 percent increase in the freight rates during January-April this year. The upward movement in freight rates came on the back of rising input costs of fuel, toll and commercial vehicles, Rivigo said in a release.

Rivigo to raise $50-100 million pre-IPO funding in 2022

Trucking logistics firm Rivigo plans to raise $50-100 million in a pre-IPO (initial public offering) round in 2022, and then take it public in 2024, said a top executive. The firm in the last two years pivoted from an asset heavy to an asset light model, to achieve scalability and reduce losses.

Deepak Garg represents Rivigo at the Launch of Gati Shakti event with Prime Minister

Rivigo- A new approach for long distance Trucking in India

An overview on the challenges for logistics in India and how the Indian unicorn company Rivigo is stepping into the marketplace with game-changing solutions. Learn about Rivigo’s logistics platform

A journey towards a more flexible and impactful HR

Rivigo is one of the fastest and safest cargo service companies with the largest serviceability in India. The company’s goal is to make logistics human , faster, safer and more efficient. With their presence across 29000+ pincodes, high-tech truck fleet and committed truck pilots, Rivigo has indeed marked a dent in the field of logistics.

Deepak Garg on building great technology products

About 300 to 500 years from now, documentation will recall the present-day era as that of technology renaissance. The renaissance of middle ages led to great advancement in art, science and humanity. This renaissance can lead to a significant upgradation of human life.

How RIVIGO is using big data and technology to create an edge

Inside a glass-fronted four-storied building in the heart of Gurugram, 150 engineers are continuously tracking a fleet of 2,500 trucks as they criss-cross the country, travelling thousands of kilometres every day.

Rivigo builds a long haul trip with drivers

When Deepak Garg, an ex-McKinsey executive, set out to do the homework before setting up a logistics start-up, he discovered that trucks drivers are branded as the 37th caste (he wasn’t even aware that India had 36 castes).

How RIVIGO is bringing in transformation through a humane mission and technology

By launching the relay model of trucking and heavily deploying technology, Rivigo is changing the way logistics is done in India. In the process it is ensuring truck drivers, who were earlier on the road for 20 days a month, now sleep at home every night.

Tech-driven logistics firm Rivigo on road to be largest platform by 2020

Backed by sound technology and innovation, 18-month-old logistic company Rivigo is eyeing a big share of the category in the next few years and hopes to become India's largest logistics platform by 2020.

We Want to Positively Impact Lives Of 100,000 Truck Drivers By 2025: Rivigo

Rivigo is a technology-enabled logistics company that was founded in 2014 and has been disrupting the sector with its unique operational model and cutting-edge technology to consistently provide unparalleled delivery times. This has been possible because of its innovative ‘driver relay' model which ensures that its delivery people, aptly referred to as our pilots, live a life of fulfillment, dignity and respect.

Drive in India’ can generate more jobs than ‘Make in India

Around 13 million people enter the job market every year. Few find jobs that they want. Narendra Modi came to power promising jobs aplenty through his Make in India campaign. Alas, Labour Bureau data reveals very limited job creation. However, another much neglected area can yield a million jobs per year or more — truck driving.

With 3 surface transport patents in US, Rivigo takes road less travelled

Surface transport logistics provider Rivigo has filed for three patents in the US for algorithms created by it, making it a rare instance of an Indian startup seeking to do so, given the country's poor record in developing and protecting intellectual property.