Rivigo Coding Championship


Our quest to identify India's top young coders
who'd revel in solving the toughest never-done-before problems of our times.


Aug 1 - Aug 10


Aug 11 - Aug 18


About Championship

At RIVIGO, we are on a mission to solve the industry's most challenging problems by creating a series of seemingly inconceivable first's at an unimaginable scale.

RIVIGO Coding Championship (RCC) is our pursuit to identify India's finest young coders from across engineering campuses - people who share our passion to create breakthrough technology solutions. Through RCC, we invite final and pre-final year engineering students to come and solve tough real-world problems with us.


Working at RIVIGO Labs, our technology think tank, is about writing the future through lines of code.

From optimizing fuel mileage through dynamic fuelling and driving behaviour to creating a dynamic pricing engine for our freight marketplace and from predicting the life journey of consignments through data continuums to maximizing network and asset utilization on our relay services, we are using advanced applications of machine learning and AI to transform logistics for India and the world.


problems at scale

Futuristic technology

Stunning colleagues
in a unique engineering culture

Limitless growth
at India's fastest growing company

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