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Indian economy is faced with its biggest risk -
a chronic shortage of truck drivers

This supply demand gap has put pressure on the logistics companies. Every transporter or logistics company cites recruitment and retention of truck drivers as the biggest growth inhibitor for them. This has been also being highlighted in the draft National Logistics Policy council in their latest report.

Relay Trucking is the only scalable way to solve driver shortage

The solution to curb the unprecedented shortage of truck drivers in India is clear - to make truck driving a regular day job using Relay Trucking.

Relay Trucking is an operating model innovation where drivers change over after every few hundred kilometres of driving through a network of change-over stops called “relay pit-stops” and then get rostered back to their home base to return to their families every single day.

Relay Trucking is better service, more efficient and Human
Air equivalent transit time

Our unique driver relay model ensures 50-70% reduction in transit times. These rapid transit times enable our customers to reimagine their supply chain by cutting-down inventory costs, reducing working capital, lowering storage space, preventing stock-outs, and improving speed to market.

Higher asset utilization

Our purpose is to solve the Indian logistics problem through data and technology. We have already optimized routes and rely heavily on data analytics for resource allocation. This, in turn, gives us 2-3x higher asset utilization making our systems more efficient and pilots happier at the same time.

4 times safer than industry

We emphasize on the need to eliminate unscheduled stoppages and inefficiencies in driving as opposed to speeding to meet turnaround time. Truck drivers' families have gone from living in the constant fear of road accidents to now having peace of mind.

Pilots return home every day

From being the outcast in the society to now getting respected as a key enabler of India's economic warfare, the 'Rivigo Truck Pilot' has come a long way. He has a family life and the ability to support them financially.

We can help you reimagine your supply chain.

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