The Dream

We aspire to build and connect India by creating a collaborative and harmonious ecosystem where stakeholders will work together to build a sector which, contrary to its current state, will be known for its safety, reliability, transparency, precision and the ability to create value for everyone.

The core of whatever is done at RIVIGO is rooted strongly in this broader purpose. While we started with a mission to make logistics human through the driver relay model, we are driven by the opportunity to make India’s logistics infrastructure world-class through data and technology while also building the country’s most inspirational place to work at.

Transform 100,000 lives by creating meaningful livelihood for truck drivers

We will continue to harness the power of entrepreneurship, technology and innovation to make a positive impact to the lives of truck drivers. Mission-driven and passionate about making logistics human, we will continue to improve job prospects for them and help them move up the economic and social ladder through holistic initiatives.

Create “The Hero’s Hermitage” at RIVIGO

RIVIGO is an inspirational place to work. We are building a Hero’s Hermitage where Heroes will find their true calling and unlock the infinite in themselves. We are committed to creating 10,000 such Heroes for India and the world who will operate from the deepest sense of awareness, challenge the status quo, rewrite the game, push the boundaries, expand the horizon and solve the unsolvable.

Continuous disruption through data and technology

Through our proven operational excellence and technology prowess, we have built a prototype of future disruption in the logistics industry. Through use of data, we aim to further gain the marginal efficiencies to make the world of logistics as automated, efficient and safe as possible. The charter of RIVIGO Labs is to create the next generation of data acquisition, processing and visualization tools that will further enable informed decision making through real-time insights. We will continue to push the boundaries of technology in the logistics space to create world-class systems.

Make India a top name in the logistics sector

In the World Bank’s measure of international supply chain efficiency, called Logistics Performance Index, India’s ranking has risen from 54 in 2014 to 35 in 2016. This has been achieved partly due to the emergence of organised players like RIVIGO and partly, due to technological and structural advancements in the sector. We aspire to be India’s material movement pipeline and materially contribute to making India a top logistics nation, that will inspire the international logistics community with its commitment and capability to make logistics truly human, digital, safer and cost effective.